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child support enforcement, DuPage County child support attorney, child support payments, unpaid child support, recover child supportRaising a child is expensive and is one factor that legal guardians of children fully understand. However, this expense can be neglected by parents responsible for child support, as they somehow either fail to grasp the importance of their support payments or simply do not care enough about the child to make payments a priority in their lives. Either way, the parent with physical custody is thus left to provide for the child or children, and he or she often believes there is no way to hold the other parent accountable for the payments that he or she has continued to neglect.

How Child Support Orders Can be Enforced in Illinois

Paying child support is often neglected when the paying parent has a low source of income, has lost a job, cannot get good paying work, has an addiction to alcohol or another substance, is incarcerated, or simply believes that the support order is unfair to him or her and that he or she should not have to pay so much.

Regardless of his or her excuse, the parent is  legally responsible for past and current payments, and will be responsible for future payments unless a modification is ordered by a judge. Additionally, there are penalties for non paying parents, under 750 ILCS 5/505. These penalties are used to enforce payment in the following ways, according to the Illinois Attorney General:

  • Wage withholding;
  • Child support debt goes on the party’s credit score;
  • Use private debt collection agencies to collect past child support owed;
  • Unemployment payment withholding;
  • Lien against property, either a financial account or real or personal property;
  • Suspension of certain licenses, such as occupational, professional, driver’s, or hunting/fishing license;
  • Wage garnishment;
  • Withholding of tax return income;
  • Public shaming by listing the parent in the Illinois Deadbeat Parent database;
  • Denial of passports; and
  • Criminal prosecution, including up to six months of jail time.

Tracking Down Out of State Parents

It can be even more difficult to recover child support payments from a parent who has fled the state of Illinois. While this situation can seem hopeless, the federal government may be able to locate the delinquent paying parent with the Federal Parent Locator Service (FPLS), under the Office of Child Support Enforcement. This program works throughout the country to track down parents and enforce child support orders, locating parents in a variety of ways and enforcing through passport denials, wage withholding, and numerous other strategies.

Call a DuPage Child Support Enforcement Attorney Today for Legal Help

It may seem like there is no way to get the other parent to pay owned child support; however, there is hope. Work with an attorney and state and federal agencies to enforce these missed child support payments. Take action today to get the financial support that your child needs by contacting the passionate DuPage County child support attorneys of Momkus McCluskey LLC.


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