Is it Time to Update Your Employee Handbook?

anti-retaliation law, current business law, DuPage County employment law attorneys, employee handbook, workplace safety violationsA well-thought-out employee handbook accomplishes much more than being a simple introduction to the company for a new employee. An employee handbook outlines expectations that the employer has for the employees, sets guidelines for managers, provides legal protection for the employer with regard to sexual harassment, and gives many other legal protections for the employer when employee file lawsuits.

One commonly glazed-over aspect of a good employee handbook is that of relevance and timeliness. When was the last time you updated your employee handbook? Does it comply with current federal, state, and local laws in DuPage County? Is your current employee handbook even relevant for the types of employees and scope of your business? A DuPage County attorney can ensure that you are protected with an updated employee handbook.

Is Your Company’s Hiring Process Following All Current Laws?

The Job Opportunities for Qualified Applicants Act bans private and public employees from having questions about an applicant’s criminal history during the initial application phase. An employer can ask about an applicant’s record at a later time during hiring, however. The Act is designed to provide a fair chance of consideration early in the hiring process, and violating this law could lead to serious penalties.

Are You Abiding by Recent Laws Regarding Reporting Legal Violations and Workplace Injuries?

In order to further avoid the potential for lawsuits and strict governmental fines and sanctions, employers need to make it clear in the employee handbook that they do not cultivate a work climate that frowns upon reporting workplace injuries, as well as legal violations, to the proper state and federal authorities.

For example, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recently implemented new regulations for enforcing anti-retaliation law when employers retaliate against employees who report injuries. The new regulations mandate that an employer “must establish a reasonable procedure for employees to report work-related injuries or illnesses promptly and accurately,” and that a procedure is unreasonable “if it would deter or discourage a reasonable employee from accurately reporting a workplace injury or illness,” according to the Department of Labor.

Employers must also make it clear that all legal violations, such as environmental crimes, fraud, and workplace safety violations, should be immediately reported as well. Even if your company has not done anything wrong, you could still be in trouble if your employee handbook does not provide a clear outlet for employees to report potential wrongdoing.

A Chicago Employee Handbook Attorney Can Help Today

It may be time to update your employee handbook, and an experienced DuPage County business law attorney can help you draft a document that provides legal protection for you, and much more. Set up a consultation with one of the talented DuPage County employment law attorneys at the offices of Momkus McCluskey Roberts LLC today.


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