Experienced Family Law Attorneys in DuPage County

At Momkus McCluskey, LLC, we seek to find solutions to family law disputes without sacrificing future relationships of the parties involved. A progressive law firm, we make the needs of our clients the number one priority. To that end, we offer reasoned counsel, practical recommendations and affordable legal services. Where family disputes can be resolved cooperatively, everyone wins.

Momkus McCluskey’s Family Law Group helps individuals and families in the western suburbs and Chicagoland area with divorce and family law issues.  From simple separation or marital settlement agreements to complex business valuations and complicated custody disputes, our lawyers have the skills and experience (several decades of legal practice) to find an efficient, effective solution to our clients’ legal needs.

It is not just diligence and attention to detail that sets the Momkus McCluskey Family Law Group apart from other law firms, but also our willingness to go the extra mile to get the best result for our clients. While we strive to settle our clients’ disputes amicably, we are also ready, willing and able to engage in trial and appellate litigation whenever appropriate.

Our goal is to provide superior legal services to each client, by keeping each client fully informed of the status of their case, and by educating them on the applicable laws and the legal alternatives available to them.

We understand the unique challenges surrounding complex family law cases.  We adeptly navigate the system, employing the procedures available in order to develop the facts and theory of each case in a persuasive and proficient manner.  We enjoy a high success rate in this.

Whether you are facing a divorce, legal separation, paternity action, or post-divorce issues, the lawyers at Momkus McCluskey, LLC are dedicated to achieving the best possible result for you.  Our experience and expertise include areas of child custody and visitation, property identification and distribution, child support, maintenance and unallocated support, domestic violence related matters, contribution to educational expenses, and numerous other issues that affect families.

Please contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our family lawyers.  In this consultation, you will speak with an attorney about family law issues you face.  We will ask questions about your situation and help you understand what you can expect if you choose to work with us.  Please click here to submit an appointment request or phone us at (630) 434-0400.

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